How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts?

24-06-2022 à 10:15:46
If you want to recover deleted facebook post, which you have deleted by then mistake, you can follow these steps:

 1. Go to your facebook app and tap on the three horizontal lines
 2. Scroll and tap the Settings and Privacy option
 3. Then, select Settings from the extended Thereafter menu
, scroll until you find Your information section, then tap on the activity log
 4. Now, click on the Trash icon and recover your deleted post
17-10-2022 à 21:07:42
oh thanks for telling us how to recover fb deleted posts. Can I also get back instagram deleted pics or not?
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17-10-2022 à 21:08:59
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13-02-2023 à 05:07:18
How to Recover Deleted Posts on Facebook Web among us
Launch a web browser and go to to your profile.Click on the ellipsis icon and select Archive.Click on Trash on the left sidebar.Find the post you want to recover, click on the ellipsis beside it, then select Restore to profile.
04-05-2023 à 08:44:38
Several pou third-party tools are readily available and make the claim to be able to recover deleted Facebook posts. SocialSafe is one such solution that enables you to download Facebook data and restore deleted posts
09-06-2023 à 04:19:08
Facebook keeps Garten Of Banban a record of all your activity, including posts, in your Activity Log. To access it, go to your profile, click on the three dots (...) next to "Add to Story" and select "Activity Log."
13-06-2023 à 03:17:06
Log in to pizza tower your Facebook account using a web browser on your computer or mobile device.
25-07-2023 à 15:01:04
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23-08-2023 à 08:52:15
Think carefully before posting anything. Once it's online, dino game it can be difficult to permanently delete.
07-09-2023 à 08:59:02
If you use the Facebook mobile app tunnel rush, you must follow these steps to recover a deleted Facebook post.
06-10-2023 à 10:10:12
I followed these steps and successfully recovered my deleted Facebook fnf post – a real lifesaver for those accidental deletions!
03-11-2023 à 04:02:42
Tap on the post, geometry dash  and you'll see the option to "Restore" it. Tap "Restore" to recover the deleted post.
03-11-2023 à 04:03:11
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